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We (Richard Kelsey and Geoff Huens) started Beer Cartel back in 2009, driven by a love for good beer and a desire to share that love with others.  Back then, the term craft beer wasn't even common. It was known as boutique beer, with craft breweries regularly referred to as microbreweries. Craft beer in Australia was in its absolute infancy, with around 100 different breweries throughout the country.  Our interest in good beer was sparked through our life encounters. Richard through his first job out of university where he did a market research study for a NZ microbrewery and was paid in beer - great beer, which suddenly opened his eyes. For Geoff it was a overseas sojurn, visiting family in Belgium, where he was taken to the Brussels Beer Festival and experienced the amazing beers that country is known for. The likes of Chimay, Westmalle and Kwak. So our love of beer had been ignited and we thought what better way to share our passion for liquid gold than sharing that love with others. After all, at the time every pub and bottleshop had the same boring mix of beers on tap - there was nothing new, nothing different and nothing to really challenge the tastebuds.Beer Cartel v1.0 Beer Cartel started online with a monthly beer subscription.....and very limited range of craft beer. Back then, there was not much at all available in packaged format. Little Creatures and Mountain Goat were still relatively young and independent, with many of the breweries that were around then, no longer with us today.  Being so young, in both the craft beer and online retail evolution meant that our work was cut out for us. We were online even before the likes of Dan Murphy's. Our business began out of a tiny Kennards Storage Shed (less than the size of a small bedroom!). We were based in their wine storage area and each month took over this as we filled our boxes with a different selection of mixed beer to send to our subscription members across Australia. Beer Cartel 2.0 We were growing slowly and taking up additional Kennards Storage sheds to ...
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