The Strongest Alcohol Beer In The World

Have you ever thought to yourself “this 4% beer just isn’t cutting it - I really need one that’ll make me sway after a few sips.”? No, me neither. The ever-increasing popularity of the Craft Beer Industry has meant that we have seen a rise in experimentation in the beer world. One of the more interesting recent trends is making beer high in alcohol (like, really high). So as to stay relevant many breweries are creating novelty beers for customers thirsty for more - double and even triple IPAs are becoming the norm as demand for new, exciting beer intensifies.How high alcohol beers are madeThe simplest approach to making a higher alcohol beer is to add more sugar during fermentation. During beer's fermentation process, yeast chomps on the sugar made from malted grain and then converts it into alcohol. If there is more available sugar, the yeast has more food to eat, which produces more alcohol. Simply put - it's about adding more sugar to create more booze.The battle between BrewDog & SchorschbräuA decade ago, Scottish BrewDog and Germany’s Schorschbräu began their now-infamous battle for The World’s Strongest Beer. Schorschbräu are renowned for pushing the limits when it comes to wheat beers and bocks intended to blow your socks off, so it was no mean feat to knock them off their perch - but the mad geniuses behind BrewDog, Martin Dickie and James Watt, decided to do just that.It began back in 2009, the then fresh-on-the-scene BrewDog released a 32% ABV beer called Tactical Nuclear Penguin. This was specifically to snatch the World’s Strongest Beer title from Schorschbräu's 31% Schorschbock, to put Scotland on the map for progressive craft beers and push the boundaries to a whole new level.Yet, Schorschbräu didn’t let them bask in glory for long - quickly responding by creating a 40 percenter. This of course led to BrewDog releasing Sink the Bismarck the next year which came in at 41%.Schorschbräu then intensified its Schorschbock to 43% ABV, which ended up with BrewDog releasing the now-legendary 55% End of History (I’m exhausted after all that, I don’t know about you).In 2011, Schorschbrau countered one ...
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