August 2022 Beer Club Subscription

Welcome to this month's tasting notes. Get ready for a mouth watering selection of delicious beer. The full list of beers included in this month's beer subscription are below. Note different beers are included in different packs. This selection can be seen and rated on Untappd here.You can view our different beer subscription packs here or update your subscription details here. White Chocolate Porter Porter - Other 6.5% ABV 30 IBU Brewery: Hope Brewery Location: Pokolbin, NSW Beer Description: It’s our classic Choc Milk Porter, made with white chocolate. Infused with vanilla and milk sugar, this velvety smooth white porter gives sweet confectionery flavours. Quick Jazz IPA - Milkshake 6.8% ABV Brewery: Hop Nation Brewing Co Location: Footscray, Victoria Beer Description: Part two of a dual release with our mates at Mountain Culture. The brew involved a combo of oats, milk sugar, double dry hopping with Citra Cryo, El Dorado Cryo, Sabro Cryo & T90 Nelson Sauvin, before fermentation with an English Ale strain both breweries adore. We’d love to share more deets, but you know what they say: what happens on the Peninsula, stays on the Peninsula. Instead, we invite you to enjoy the creamy, velvety, juicy fruits of our labour. You’ll experience dank and guava notes with a mass of peach and apricot on the palate. It’s a combination of harmonic structure, instrumental virtuosity and melodic tempo. Tip of the Spear Pilsner - German 5.5% ABV Brewery: Deeds Brewing Location: Glen Iris, Victoria Beer Description: Whether against vicious Viking raiding parties raiding in the dead of night, or the full might of the Roman Empire, the Germanic tribes of the Frisii people could put up one hell of a fight. In fact the Frisia Coast is one large Viking graveyard where thousands were helped on their way to Valhalla. Our North German Pilsner is dedicated to these fierce, noble people. We're sure that after a never ending day of holding the line, jostling to be at the forefront, the tip of the spear if you will, that an ice-cold, cave-lagered Pilsner is exactly what the village healer ordered. Cherry and Rhubarb Dark Lager Lager - Dark 5.7% ABV Brewery: Big Shed Brewing Concern Location: Royal Park, South Australia Beer Description: This dark lager has ...
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