2022 Australia's Best Brewery

Congratulations goes to Black Hops who for the second time have been rated Australia's best craft brewery. There have limited big changes in the top 10 with Mountain Culture (20th to 2nd) the most significant movement.. Full list below: Brewery%Total votes Black Hops Brewing8.7%1108 Mountain Culture Beer Co7.5%952 Bentspoke Brewing Co4.0%513 Dainton Brewery3.7%469 Capital Brewing Co3.3%422 Balter Brewing3.0%379 Bridge Road Brewers2.9%375 Bright Brewery2.7%345 Range Brewing2.2%283 Deeds Brewing1.6%204 4 Pines Brewing Company1.5%192 Big Shed Brewing Concern1.3%164 Stone & Wood1.3%161 Moon Dog Brewing Co1.3%160 Pirate Life1.2%151 Coopers1.2%148 Akasha Brewing Company1.1%145 One Drop Brewing Co1.1%140 Banks Brewing1.0%131 Little Bang Brewing0.9%119 Rocky Ridge Brewing Co0.9%118 Batch Brewing Company0.9%110 Moo Brew0.8%108 Hawkers Beer0.8%106 Wildflower Brewing & Blending0.8%104 Ballistic Beer Co0.8%99 Gage Roads Brewing Co0.8%97 Bacchus Brewing Co.0.7%95 Hop Nation Brewing Co0.7%90 Young Henrys0.7%89 Little Creatures Brewing0.7%88 Beerfarm0.7%85 3 Ravens Brewery0.6%74 Grifter Brewing Company0.6%72 Hemingway's Brewery0.6%72 Colonial Brewing Co0.6%71 Burleigh Brewing Company0.5%70 Stomping Ground Brewing Co0.5%70 Wayward Brewing Co0.5%70 Modus Operandi Brewing Company0.5%64 Blackflag Brewing0.5%62 Aether Brewing0.5%59 Otherside Brewing Co0.4%57 Hope Brewery0.4%56 Sunday Road Brewing Co0.4%54 Brick Lane Brewing Co0.4%53 10 Toes Brewery0.4%52 2 Brothers Brewery0.4%51 Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers0.4%51 Jervis Bay Brewing Co.0.4%51 Sobah Beverages0.4%51 Prancing Pony Brewery0.4%50 Feral Brewing Company0.4%48 Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.0.4%47 Kaiju! Beer0.3%44 Six String Brewing Co0.3%44 All Inn Brewing Co0.3%40 Blackman's Brewery0.3%40 Hopsters Cooperative Brewery0.3%40 Your Mates Brewing Co0.3%39 Bodriggy Brewing Company0.3%37 Heads of Noosa Brewing Co0.3%37 Philter Brewing0.3%36 Bracket Brewing0.3%34 Shambles Brewery0.3%32 BrewDog Australia0.2%31 La Sirene Brewing0.2%30 Byron Bay Brewing Co0.2%29 Fat Yak / Yak Ales0.2%29 Hobart Brewing Company0.2%29 James Squire0.2%29 Shapeshifter Brewing Co0.2%29 Slow Lane Brewing0.2%29 Two Birds Brewing0.2%29 CoConspirators Brewing0.2%28 FogHorn Brewery0.2%27 Green Beacon Brewing Co0.2%27 Moffat Beach Brewing Co.0.2%27 Slipstream Brewing Co0.2%27 Helios Brewing Company0.2%26 Tumut River Brewing Company0.2%26 Sauce Brewing Co0.2%25 Stoic Brewing0.2%25 Bells Beach Brewing0.2%24 Billson's Brewery0.2%24 Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery0.2%24 Uraidla Brewery0.2%24 White Bay Beer Co0.2%24 Fixation Brewing Co0.2%23 Fox Friday Brewery0.2%23 Heroes and Villains0.2%23 4 Brothers Brewing0.2%22 7th Day Brewery0.2%22 Atomic Beer0.2%22 Currumbin Valley Brewing0.2%22 Two Metre Tall Company0.2%22 Yulli's Brews0.2%22 Common Ground Brewing0.2%21 Holgate Brewhouse0.2%21 King River Brewing0.2%21 Sailors Grave Brewing0.2%21 Sea Legs Brewing0.2%21 1859 Central Ranges Brewing Co0.2%20 Barossa Valley Brewing0.2%20 Black ...
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