Mariners baseball at T-Mobile Park, home edition. Your food and drink guide to what's available outside the ballpark.

Author: Northwest Beer Guide
Hard to believe it’s been over a year, since the definition of “a day at the ballpark” was revised. Yet, like the sport itself, humanity has endured. But like the budding of flowers on the trees or the sound of birds chirping, there are signs everywhere that Spring and yes, baseball, is back for another year. Despite capacity limits established, T-Mobile Park and the Seattle Mariners want to invite you back for another season of Major League Baseball.As they have in previous seasons, the Mariners, Centerplate catering, and consultant chef, Ethan Stowell, want to make your experience at the ballpark a memorable one. With a revised menu of food and drink options, there will be a few surprises and a few familiar names. All of this should make your experience an enjoyable one. Unfortunately, because of the ongoing pandemic, capacity limits are in place at the ballpark. This means the first 9,000 fans will be allowed entry. For those left outside of the ballpark who wish to not only support their team but also experience the smells, the sights, and tastes of the ballpark, the Mariners have a solution - get it to go. Think of it as the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park, home edition. Breaking things down, this guide lists the food and drink featured at the ballpark but available locally. From ‘rally fries’ to dumplings and from Crikey IPA to Caffé Vita cold brew coffee, you’ll find every opportunity to experience the food and drink of T-Mobile Park, from the comfort of your couch. As a side-effect, you end up supporting the same businesses featured at the ballpark. Obviously, this isn’t the same as being there. Hopefully soon, there will be opportunities to attend a game in person. What’s at the ballpark right now? What do you miss most at the ballpark? Believe it or not, there are many menu items that are attainable outside the ballpark. This includes everything from Ivar’s Fish & Chips, to ‘Rally Fries’, to yes a slice Ballard Pizza. All that’s required of you is a means to listen or watch the ballgame and the willingness ...
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