Door-to-door delivery service, Tavour, breaks down their epic brewery and beer picks from each state.

Author: Northwest Beer Guide
image sourced from Tavour Press ReleaseThe online craft beer retailer works with more than 600 independent breweries around the country, connecting discerning beer fans with some of the highest-rated Stouts, IPAs, Sour Ales, and an assortment of other styles.It would be an epic feat for one person to visit all 600+ breweries, but with Tavour, members can sample their wares from the comfort of home and then rate them on the app. Those ratings represent their picks for America’s best beers, while the dollars they spend represent which states are the best drinking destinations:With 8.41% of Tavour’s sales coming from Alaskan breweries alone, the Frontier State solidifies its place as the #1 virtual drinking destination. The #2 state, with breweries contributing to a hefty 7.51% of sales, is New York. Following closely in the #3 spot is Washington state, whose breweries contributed to 7.45% of Tavour’s sales.Behind them, Colorado, Oregon, and California make ...
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