In recognition of Black History Month, door-to-door beer delivery service Tavour releases a box of Black-owned brewery collaborations.

Author: Northwest Beer Guide
Press ReleaseThis month is a special one and we want to shine a light on Black-Owned breweries this month. We worked closely with Full Circle to bring you this spotlight. Let me know what you think!The U.S. has designated February as Black History Month each year since 1976. Noted historian Carter G. Woodson is known as the brainchild of this celebration of Black Americans’ achievements and recognition of their central role in our nation’s history. Black History Month offers an opportunity to spread the word about the lack of diversity in the craft beer industry. A Brewers Association survey showed that Black Americans make up 12% of craft beer drinkers. However, only about 1% of craft breweries are Black-owned. The craft beer delivery app Tavour is joining up with some of the top-rated Black-owned breweries in the U.S. These breweries are bringing more awareness to their delicious beers and making them more accessible to craft fans in up to 27 states through Tavour.For this year’s Black History Month, Adam Band of Fresno, California’s Full Circle Brewing, is releasing a series ...
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