Wisconsin Intuition — How New Glarus Brewed a State Identity with Spotted Cow

Author: Jaqueline Kehoe
Molly Scullin needed a “Scrubs” autograph, any “Scrubs” autograph. It’s what her coworker wanted in exchange for a weekend shift off work to attend her Park Falls, Wisconsin, family reunion. It was the sort of gathering anyone would go to strange lengths to attend—there would be a tap truck with Spotted Cow, the flagship beer of Wisconsin’s New Glarus Brewing Co.Scullin forgot to get the autograph from her well-connected cousin. Realizing she was returning to Iowa empty-handed, she made an emergency stop in before-the-border Hazel Green and dreamt up a satisfactory bribe: a case of Spotted Cow. “It worked,” says Scullin. “My coworker completely forgot about the autograph.” ...
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