September 2023 Beer Club Subscription

Welcome to this month's tasting notes. Get ready for a mouth watering selection of delicious beer. The full list of beers included in this month's beer subscription are below. Note different beers are included in different packs. This selection can be seen and rated on Untappd here. You can view our different beer subscription packs here or update your subscription details here. Nordic Hazy IPA IPA - New England 6.8% ABV Brewery: Shapeshifter Brewing Company Location: Findon, South Australia Beer Description:This beer was fermented with kveik, an exciting strain of yeast from Norway that bucks all the conventional brewing trends. Used for generations by Norwegian farmhouse brewers, it ferments extremely quickly and thrives in conditions where traditional yeast does not. It can produce amazing fruity esters when underpitched, perfect for hazy IPA’s. This strain is a blend of three different kveik yeasts and is double dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy for maximum juiciness. Skål! ABV: 6.8% IBU: 20 EBC: 12 DH: 16g/L Malt: Ale, Wheat, Rolled Oats Hops: Citra, Galaxy Yeast: Imperial A44 Kveiking West Coast IPA IPA - American 6% ABV Brewery: Aether Brewing  Location: Northgate, Queensland Beer Description: A true West Coast style, big and bold yet delicate and drinkable all year round. A strong bodied beer that delivers moderate clarity and heavy, resinous aromas leading into the powerful flavours of citrus and pine. With moderate bitterness and a piney hop character, you'll enjoy a rich and creamy marshmallow-y mouthfeel right to the finish. Vegan friendly & all natural - free of preservatives and additives. Original art by: KAREN LYNCH “Beach Vibes” - Collage Art Gingerbread Stout Stout - Pastry 6% ABV Brewery: Pirate Life Brewing Location: Adelaide, South Australia Beer Description: A stout’s roasty characters are the perfect match for gingerbread! So, in the interest of saving time, we’ve combined the two in this tasty, limited release… Pale and specialty malts form a sturdy base and a deep brown pour – it’s the same grain bill as our flagship stout, which is a win for existing fans. NZ and German hops provide fragrant kick, something accentuated by the natural gingerbread flavouring, which spurs images of a freshly baked tray. Expect aromas of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and of course, gingerbread biccies. To drink, it’s full and rich, showing more of the above (much more) ...
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