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About us

  • HomebrewingHub was born from a simple idea, the idea of being able to bring together the best web sources about craft beer. Over time I have noticed how difficult it was for many people to find correct information about a specific topic, or at least people at their first experience with homebrewing who had difficulty understanding how reliable a source could be.

  • Since that day I started to develop this site, hoping to help as many people as possible in my small way to improve their knowledge and try to make this hobby as attractive as possible even to newbies. or simply help those who are already passionate about homebrewing to stay informed about all the news in the field both through articles and videos.

  • All articles and videos are the property of their sources, this site wants to be just a showcase for their work, in trying to make them as visible or make them discover new people, each link will refer to the official site of the article for full reading or the video on youtube.